Sales & Recruitment Analytics

Predictive sales & recruitment analytics tool for senior managers.

Sales & Recruitment Analytics

Beautiful and meaningful predictive sales & recruitment analytics, for senior managers.


Sales Analytics Dashboard for Recruitment Agencies

NORTHSTAR™ Sales & Recruitment Analytics

NORTHSTAR™ Senior Management Tool is an interactive sales & recruitment management and analytics dashboard that has successfully exposed the blind spots for many recruitment businesses.

  • Sales revenue forecasting
  • Real-time connectivity with your CRM
  • Eliminate time consuming reporting

Uncover Growth Inhibitors

Key data metrics are mapped and visualised through the use of sophisticated algorithms enabling
data-driven decision making at the touch of a button.

Use NORTHSTAR™ Sales & Recruitment Analytics to drill down into individual, team or company wide sales forecasts, metrics, trends and easily uncover growth inhibitors that were previously hidden.

Integrated with our People Analytics Agile Appraisal Tool, gain deeper insight into key indicators affecting performance and profit, allowing you to quickly adapt to address threats and risks.

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