People Analytics

A data-driven approach to agile performance appraisals that propels engagement & productivity.

People Analytics

NORTHSTAR™ people analytics appraisal tool enables you to provide staff with a means of self-management that propels performance.


People Analytics monthly performance review history for hr analytics and staff development

Increase Productivity

NORTHSTAR™ people analytics agile appraisal tool increases productivity per head by driving marginal gains in every part of your recruitment business.

  • Records single score each month on sales, activity and custom action point targets
  • Drives competitiveness and empowers staff to take ownership of career progression.
  • Effectively communicate vision and strategy
  • Improves data capture and quality

NORTHSTAR™ People Analytics Agile appraisal Tool enables you to embed continuous assessment into your employees’ workflow and improves profitability per head by driving engagement and exposing marginal gains.

Drive Exponential Performance

NORTHSTAR™ people analytics agile appraisal tool is a best practice structured performance review workflow with beautifully simple and engaging sales and activity performance visualisation dashboards.

  • Self-motivating/managing recruiter performance dashboard
  • Drives workforce engagement and productivity
  • Exposes blockers and opportunities

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