5 Q’s To Improve Your Recruitment & Retention Process

5 Q’s To Improve Your Recruitment & Retention Process

Want to improve your recruitment and retention process? We’ve put together 5 questions you should be asking first.

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1. Who are you trying to recruit?

Companies will often found their visions against core values or an ideal culture, and when moments of desperation occur to quickly build a workforce, these values can become a mere outline of the next batch of recruits.

It is understood that employees want to feel an emotional connection with their employer’s mission statement. By hiring against a companies’ culture attributes and values, you will create a team of staff who are highly engaged.

When you perfect your recruitment process against cultural attributes, you will not only see your business flourish, but retention levels will dramatically improve.

2. Why are you trying to recruit?

Businesses will often believe that in order to grow your profit, you need to grow your workforce. An essential part of growing your business is always asking the ‘why’ alongside the ‘what’.

The real contributor of business growth is nothing to do with having a large, global workforce. It is having a workforce that is fit for purpose.

When you decide to recruit, you must dig deeper and not only justify why it is necessary for business growth, but where does the introduction of this new hire fit into the wider business plan?

With the age of the millennial and Generation Z looking for greater career prospects than their predecessors, you need to ensure that there is a future in place for them. Get this right, and not only will you recruit for the required roles but you will impact your retention by creating a future for those you do choose to hire.

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3. Do you have a hiring process?

Companies can sometimes neglect that fact that process should be involved when hiring, and the irony is, the recruitment industry is probably one of the biggest culprits.

As a provider of recruitment solutions, recruitment companies will often follow a very structured process in hiring for a client – each step has purpose and rigorous checks to ensure a successful placement. Funnily enough, they don’t always follow such a structured process themselves.

A hiring process is in place to manage hiring in a communicative and purposeful way. Much like the two previous points, your process should be identifying who your next hire is but the, more important, why they are important for business growth.

It may seem blatantly obvious, but you need to create a step-by-step guide that ensures recruitment processes are done with carefully considered outcomes. Furthermore, where do you expect this hire to take the business in five years time? Is this an opportunity for an interim recruit? And even then, they should still be hired against core competencies and values to help the business to thrive.

4. Are you using data in your retention process and strategy?

The use of people analytics is creeping to the top of the agenda for employers and for good reason.

People analytics allows us to collect data and feed this into a recruitment and retention strategy. Not only does it help identify what is sought-after by current employees but you can use predictive data to identify what the next set of hires is seeking.

Follow this link for more information on how people analytics can affect recruitment and retention strategy.

5. What is employee retention?

Granted, on paper, retention is a percentage. It tells you the turnover rate of your business; how many people are coming in the door and making a swift exit before you’ve even had the chance to learn about their hobbies or interests? However, employee retention and understanding it is much more complicated than a basic sum.

Employee retention is different for every business; how to retain your staff will have a unique answer for every company and, in most cases, every individual. A quick-fire solution to better employee retention is going back to the earlier steps and getting your recruitment process right in the first place! If you hire the right people, who believe in the business and are invested in it’s values then, like a loyal friend, they will stick around through the good and the bad.

Although if we are going to answer, ‘what is employee retention?’ then the answer is this – listening. You need to listen to your employees and action their needs. A happy employee is a productive one; a World of Labor survey showed that those who had experience a bad life event had 10% lower productivity than those who hadn’t.

So, how do you improve your recruitment and retention process?

The first thing you need is patience. If your process is all over the shop now then it will take time to correct it and design the right workflows. Allow for baby-steps goal setting and marginal gains in order to take you on the journey to a perfected recruitment and retention process.

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