Data-driven Decision Making, In Real-time

Data-driven Decision Making, In Real-time

Meaningful real-time data at your fingertips.

NORTHSTAR allows your organisation to make real-time decisions based on data arriving in high volume.

NORTHSTAR brings data insights and collaboration across each part of your business by connecting your CRM, Finance and Marketing data sources with your people.

NORTHSTAR combines real-time recruitment analytics & financial data discovery with People Analytics tools that are required to be a true a data-driven organisation.

Theoretical advances in streaming algorithms, distributed algorithms, machine learning, database management, analysis of heterogeneous, noisy and unformatted high-dimensional data, information theory, control theory.

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Technical Innovation Award 2017


Onrec Awards 2017

Best Recruitment Technology 2017


Recruitment International Awards 2017

Recruitment Technology Innovation of the Year 2017


Recruiter Awards 2017

Best Digital Design 2017


Sparkies Awards 2017

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