About us

"The greatest value of a picture is when it forces us to notice what we never expected to see"
- John Tukey

NORTHSTAR is a tool which brings appraisal, recruitment analytics and businesses mapping together in one place, helping businesses map, manage & visualise their processes.

Our mission is to enable every organisation to be able to make effective data driven decisions based on unique insights into how their business works.

Our vision is to provide visual representations of complex data to accelerate growth productivity and efficiency.

Our Story

Initially set up as a consultancy helping growing businesses to achieve greater profitability Northstar was initially an project to map the mind of successful business entrepreneurs so that the key characteristics of leading fast growth business could be codified and shared.

What started as a business mapping tool has now become a modular platform bringing together key business drivers in people analytics, sales & recruitment analytics and business analytics apps.

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Technical Innovation Award 2017


Onrec Awards 2017

Best Recruitment Technology 2017


Recruitment International Awards 2017

Recruitment Technology Innovation of the Year 2017


Recruiter Awards 2017

Best Digital Design 2017


Sparkies Awards 2017

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