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NORTHSTAR.AI is a groundbreaking business improvement & analytics platform for recruitment organisations that effortlessly exposes where to focus and introduce strategies for change.

People, Recruitment & Business Analytics

NORTHSTAR.AI is a groundbreaking modular business improvement platform that delivers innovative and engaging visual indicators of performance within each part of your business.

People Analytics

Agile Appraisal Tool

Propel staff engagement & productivity.

Sales & Recruitment Analytics

Senior Management Tool

Predictive sales & recruitment analytics

Business Analytics

Galaxy Business Mapping

Meaningful recruitment business analytics


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People Analytics

The NORTHSTAR.AI People Analytics Agile Appraisal Tool enables you to provide staff with a means of self-management which propels productivity and provides clear indicators for staff training and performance.

  • Increase productivity per head by driving marginal gains in each part of your sales & recruitment workflow.
  • Eliminate time consuming reporting and track monthly appraisal history in a beautiful and engaging interface.
  • Gain deeper insight into key indicators affecting performance and profit, allowing you to quickly adapt to address threats and risks to profit.

Sales & Recruitment Analytics

NORTHSTAR.AI Sales & Recruitment Analytics tool enables senior managers to implement continuous assessment into their workflow. By providing employees and management with up-to-the-minute sales & performance  data, businesses can structure agile appraisals to drive better working practices and streamline processes.

Business Analytics

NORTHSTAR.AI Galaxy Business Analytics for recruitment agencies allows you to map and codify your recruitment business strategy and processes. It allows you to clearly and intuitively visualise current state analysis using sophisticated algorithms. These calculate a single holistic health score with interactive drill-downs into each core pillar of your business.

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